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jQuery, what's next?

jQuery, what’s next? If you’re an experienced front-end developer you might have often asked yourself this question. The browsers landscape has changed a lot since you started coding and hacking with Javascript and sometimes considering how far we’ve gone, you probably thought that jQuery is no longer needed. jQuery ( and similar libraries ) helped push the web forward and saved us a lot of pain in the ass creating an abstraction layer upon browsers’ inconsistencies and makes our life as a developer, happier. The fact is that probably we are not 100% ready for a no-jquery-world, but I think that as a frontend engineer you should know what’s going on under the hood and how jQuery make your life easier. So I started digging into my projects’ codebase in order to find the most used jQuery functions, asking one simple question: how can I do xxxx without jQuery?


Hi everyone, I’m Diego a frontend developer and of course this is my blog.